Game changer Blockchain is reaching out to medical industry and BINT Protocol

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    As we all heard about Blockchain, it is the technology leading the fourth industrial revolution. A lot of experts are saying that blockchain could be a game changer to numerous areas and even for medication industry such as medical providers and FDA.

    Blockchain is a way of saving and sharing data, originally was developed for the use with digital currency like bitcoin but this technology is reaching out to many fields to be used and ready to be a real game changer.

    It will work in this way : documents or excel spreadsheets with new data about everybody’s medical history or medicine shipments will be shared hundreds of times across a network of computers with the network specially designed to update regularly.

    in short sharing and updating happens in real time, since it’s not centralized it won’t be hacked therefore it is the attractive point of blockchain technology to hospitals and all kinds of medical institutions.


    For blockchain is getting popular, if it is interesting subject to you, you can get to know more about the development of blockchain through BINT Protocol. it offers an enhanced environment for blockchain development.

    If you would like to know more about it, go check it out :

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