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You trade on the best platforms when you trade with OctaFx!

Discussion in 'Forex Discussion' started by Rosy Andrews, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Rosy Andrews

    Rosy Andrews Member

    OctaFx is a trading firm successfully operating in more than hundred countries of the world. It has been able to lure millions of traders across the globe with its client first policies and flexible trading options. Beginning from Jakarta in Indonesia the company has been able to set its roots in many countries of Asia, Europe and Africa. If you are looking for a trading house where you can make some of the best bets of your life the OctaFx is definitely the place for you.

    OctaFx is not limited to a particular kind of trading platform. On the contrary it offers a plethora of trading platforms where you can trade as per your convenience, skills and trading domain. OctaFx is committed to bring the best and the latest trading technology as soon as possible for his clients. When you are trading with OctaFx, you will be trading on a platform which is latest and as per the current trends and requirements. Convenience and efficiency of trade is the first and foremost motto of OctaFx trading house.

    Meta Trader 4!

    It is one of the most user friendly trading platforms. It not only offers large number of features but it also makes sure that the client understands and executes all the features without any difficulty. You can easily do market execution when you are trading on Meta Trader 4. Apart from that it also offers compatibility with gadgets like Macbook and ipad. It is compatible with both android and ios operating system. It does not matter which gadget you are using for trading. A good trade entry is just a click away when you are trading on MT4. One click trading feature of MT4 has been appreciated by many clients. They believe that it adds lot of swiftness and convenience during the trading session.

    Meta Trader 5!

    Meta Trader 5 has gone one step ahead and it is the latest trading platform for the users. This trading platform supports all type of trade order be it market, pending and stop orders or trailing stop. Like MT4 you can easily do market execution on MT5. It is also compatible on all types of gadgets and operating system whether android or ios. Hedging, volume calculations in lots and signal trading were never so easy before one click trading at MT5. You will get n number of tools which can help you in understanding the technical details of the platform and they can also help you in doing a visual analysis of the market mood, trend and various trade entries.


    cTrader is also an upcoming trading platform like by many. It has a user friendly interface which could be easily understood and executed by the traders. It also has many new features, analytical and technical tools and charts to offer. Apart from that it will also make the trader capable of direct market access brokerage. Many of the trading features are similar to MT4 and MT5.

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