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What are your expectations from forex?

Discussion in 'Forex Discussion' started by shere1779, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. shere1779

    shere1779 Member

    Forex is although a business where you can earn huge amount of money. But every trader has a limited point of view in it. SO what is your view and what are you expecting to earn from Forex? And are you fulfilling it too?
  2. agit_pratoris

    agit_pratoris New Member

    I wish i can trade using huge balance, because with huge balance, I can maximize the profit and minimize the lost...
  3. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    Have huge balance is not a guaranteed for us to get huge profit, but it depends on our skills. If we have good skills both in managing money, analyzing markets, and controlling ourselves, we can get maximal result and we also feel comfort when trading.
  4. kaito kid

    kaito kid Member

    I guess as a trader, trading discipline is absolutely necessary. with so large or small value of balance will not have much effect.
  5. davidson333

    davidson333 New Member

    I am in forex trading from last six months and my expectation with forex is to make good money. So i am still learning forex because it is very necessary to have knowldge and skills to make good money.
  6. Oliviaq

    Oliviaq New Member

    The key is to learn from the system and develop your own profitable trading method based on the information you have learned. For example I have personally purchased many forex products over the last few years, and apart from a few that have just been utter junk, in most cases I never ask for a refund even if they're not profitable.

    This is simply because in most cases I have picked up some useful information and expert knowledge about a certain set of technical indicators, for instance, that I can test out further and develop myself. Indeed it's safe to say that some of my current trading strategies are based on certain tips and trading methods that I've picked up over the years from some of the many forex products that I've purchased under alpari.com.And found them quite reliable!!
  7. ahmadvipro

    ahmadvipro Member

    Currently I expect to be able to consistently earn a profit in trading and I think it is not easy, based on experience, a lot of disruption in trading, especially mental and emotional. Therefore, we should be able to keep emotions to become a professional trader
  8. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    I just have expectation to always survive on forex trading. I think for survive on forex trader we must have a good analytic and strong mentality. Having a deep knowledge of proper trading technique greatly help traders to get the best results. The analysis used is not based on instinct but the use of indicators and other parameters to predict price movements. In addition to technical analysis, we need a fundamental reference and now I use a blog TICKMILL Expert
  9. ahmadvipro

    ahmadvipro Member

    All i expect from forex trading is to make money and nothing else, it is from the profits that i made that i will expect to do a lot of things from it. Though forex has given me the opportunity to learn about other countries economies and has also helped me meet good friends. The the ultimate expectation is the money i will be making from it.
  10. kalex76

    kalex76 Member

    As a trader my expectation from Forex is very high that one day i can make lots of money and pips and can make a very good trading career which can change my life ,i feel that all traders have the same type of dream but those who are serious they can fulfill such dreams.
  11. ahmadvipro

    ahmadvipro Member

    Forex business is not easy. To be able to get success then a trader should be able to continue to practice and learn discipline. I am now working to be able to maintain discipline in trading in ViproMarket
  12. Paul Atherton

    Paul Atherton Member

    I think no business is easy for that note, we got to do hard yard in order to gain from any work and if we’re not willing to do that then we shouldn’t be gaining much from it, I always trade without worrying about easy or difficult, I just focus on doing the hard work and that for me should be more than enough to bring in profits and that too at fair amount of consistency. I trade with OctaFX broker who makes thing even easier and better for me through epic conditions that includes low spreads from 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 while there is also epic rebate program that gives 50% back on all trading orders, so really very much perfect.
  13. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    Every trader has an expectation from their Forex trade, all want to get a good profit from Forex. My expectation is also same to others that get more money so that I can develop myself and also my family. For me most important thing is to get learning of trading , practice it to get skill and a good forex broker who helps you to do fair trading. I am lucky working with TICKMILL they are trusted , give safety of funds and secure payment method to their clients.
  14. Frankly speaking, I am not one for expectations, I believe it creates unnecessary pressure and that’s something which only leads us into losing, so we got to avoid keeping any fixed aim. I always work without any expectations and that’s how I am able to achieve great profits with ease especially through FreshForex broker and their low spreads, high leverages and best of all is their 101% Trade Able Bonus!
  15. Paul Atherton

    Paul Atherton Member

    As I have said previously when you work in business like Forex, you will automatically have big expectation due to the scope that’s present here, we can definitely make huge money here, but we have to work equally hard in order to gain. I see many people having huge expectations but are not able to achieve anything and similarly, I see many not having any expectations yet gaining plenty, so basically it’s down to hard work and not worry for results, it’s will definitely boost us big time. I do just that with help of OctaFX broker and that’s through their amazing bonus on deposit which is up to 50% and is use able too, so that’s why it’s so handy.
  16. ahmadvipro

    ahmadvipro Member

    It is very hard to find such traders who never want to earn money by doing this business.Earning from forex is the main reason of joining this business.But many traders do not reach their target as they do not follow money management properly. My expections from this business are similar to others.
  17. shamshal

    shamshal Member

    I simply have desire to dependably make due on forex trading. I think for get by on forex trader we should have a decent investigative and solid mindset. Having a profound information of legitimate trading procedure enormously help traders to get the best outcomes. The analysis utilized is not in light of sense but rather the utilization of markers and different parameters to foresee value developments. I am a binary options trader at lxmarkets as it is a regulated option broker.
  18. ahmadvipro

    ahmadvipro Member

    Yes, I agree with that. Therefore we must first take advantage of demo account with maximum. The function is so that we can to prepare ourselves first before starting trading by using a real account.
  19. uncle gober

    uncle gober Member

    Really, we should be able to utilize dmeo account with the maximum in order to make the trading ability that we have got better. Because forex is an independent business, so we can only rely on tarding skills that we have only.
  20. kalex76

    kalex76 Member

    Every traders have the expectations to make good profit pips and for that we have to gain the experience and as per the market situation we can trade if we have enough knowledge

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