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Unlimited High BTC rewards for every post/thread+Much More!PROOF:

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Forum' started by caoc69, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. caoc69

    caoc69 New Member

    Earn unlimited FREE BTC with a New Forum-CRYPTO-!
    A new forum paying high rewards for just making threads/posts/replies etc.,
    Better place to earn free bitcoin.
    Post ( Reply ) - 100 Satoshi
    New Thread - 1000 Satoshi
    New Registration - 500 Satoshi
    Per Reply - 20 Satoshi
    Per PM Sent - 20 Satoshi
    Per getting Rating - 1000 Satoshi

    Min withdraw: 5,000 sat (faucethub)



  2. You don’t need to look at such freebies, as they take you nowhere. I rather prefer solid options like Sphere, as that got everything you wish to have. Sphere social platform contains important e-commerce features. The marketplace will allow users to create products which followers and friends can see and purchase using their tokens (SAT), so with such epic concept, it will change the face of the future, and making investment in that is life changing!

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