Types of HYIPs, and how to be 100% insured against losses?

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    HYIP projects - what are they?
    HYIPs (HYIPs - High Yield Investment Program) are highly profitable investment instruments, projects that offer their investors income on average from 15% per month and more. Basically, now HYIPs are financial pyramids, and participants receive their payments from new investors. To a greater extent, projects work online, but sometimes the organizers do everything at the highest level - with the opening of offices, paperwork, hot lines, etc. To start making money successfully in HYIPs, you need to figure out what they are, when is it better to enter with investments and how to get out on time.

    Types of HYIPs
    HYIPs can be classified in various ways, consider the main ones:
    -By investment terms
    -By profitability
    -By type of marketing

    By investment terms
    Short-term - are in great demand among the investor, due to the short period for which money can be invested, from several hours to several days. Such projects are called fast. As a rule, they go through several circles and scam (stop paying).
    Medium-term - with a more moderate percentage and a longer payback period and tariff plans. Nevertheless, they are quite attractive for investors and can work for several months or more.
    Long-term projects - designed for a long payback period, with a small percentage, smooth advertising campaign and good technical training. They can work for years.
    By profitability
    Low-income - comparable to the first classification with long-term projects. The percentage of return on average will be 15%.
    Mid-interest, often medium-term (but can be short-term, with plans for several days, or long-term). The percentage of profitability from 15% to 60% per month.
    Highly profitable - they offer the investor a yield of 60% per month or more. Plans can be hourly, daily, or multi-day.
    By type of marketing
    HYIP marketing can be very different, it all depends on the administrator's imagination. The most common projects:
    Economic games are thematic projects based on popular games, cartoons or drawn by designers. They are built according to the principles of the game - you buy characters or game equipment that brings you income. Most often, in games, you need to perform some actions - collect something, feed someone, collect game currency. One of the advantages of economic games is a low entry threshold. often from 10 rubles.
    Classic HYIPs are projects with ordinary conditions, with a standard tariff plan (or several), with a linear affiliate program, which can have several levels.
    Queues - as a rule, have a short tariff plan, and the participant will receive the payment only after the next investor invests after him.
    Piggy banks - projects operating on the principle of a deposit in a bank - the deposit is opened for a certain period, and at any time the investor can take the body of the deposit, but in this case, a fine will be imposed on him, and a certain amount will be withdrawn.
    Fasts are projects with a high percentage of profitability and short investment plans.
    MLM projects - the primary role in these projects is played by the partner program and the fund becomes attractive for investors with a large partner network. There can be many referral levels, various bonuses, gifts for attraction, assignment of titles in the project, etc.

    In HYIPs, you can find many more different features by which you can divide them, but the main ones were discussed above.
    To start making money successfully in such projects, it is not enough to know their classification. It is necessary to determine a personal investment strategy, do not forget to constantly improve your knowledge, avoid mistakes of beginners (read the article on this topic --- “TOP 5 Investor's mistakes https://xmonitors.com/usefull/index/20/”) and choose projects with the help of professionals. You can find out more useful information and select projects at XMonitors.
    How to insure against losses
    Even having thoroughly studied this area, delving into the analysis of projects, having read the information about HYIPs, there is no guarantee that you will earn. Therefore, it is better to immediately insure your deposits. This service is provided by some monitoring and investment blogs. As practice shows, most often this is the amount that, after unsuccessful work, is distributed among all investors. And to insure the ENTIRE AMOUNT OF THE DEPOSIT FOR 100% - use the insurance on the monitoring of XMonitors. Learn more about insurance - https://xmonitors.com/insurance.

    May your investments bring you profit and money always work for you!
    Source: https://xmonitors.com/usefull/index/21/

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