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TimeBucks - timebucks.com

Discussion in 'GPT & Other Program Discussion' started by Jonas Drako, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Jonas Drako

    Jonas Drako Member

    TimeBucks - Earning Cash for Doing Unique Rewarding Tasks

    <<<TimeBucks>>> Founded: 2014 | Changing the World, one Task at a time!!!
    TimeBucks is an online reward portal, where you can earn money in several ways.

    <<<Earning Options>>>
    ==>Paid Surveys;
    You can take surveys through a number of different providers while being logged into and get paid into your TimeBucks account.
    ==>Watch video;
    You will find a variety of videos that you can watch and earn rewards from.
    You get paid to download apps, to sign up for a website, to test a product for free, etc.
    ==>Content options (clicks, slideshows, news, sponsors)
    In this task, you will get paid to go through 7 pages of slideshows. Click the green View button to begin the task. You can do 20 slideshows per day, but only 1 every 10 minutes. After the 10 minute timer ends, you can do another slideshow (crazy puppy pictures, best MMA fights, shocking facts about celebrities, worst tattoos ever);
    News - follow the instructions about how much of it you have to read.
    ==> Instagram tasks
    You get paid to follow certain Instagram pages, post there, and more.
    Note: be aware there are quite strict rules you have to follow so make sure you read the terms carefully before you start.
    Sign in or create a Figure Eight account by clicking any job. You will see all of the jobs currently available to you once you have signed in.
    ==>Get cash back when shopping online
    You can get cash back if you shop online in certain shops they have partnered with.
    Note: Any cancellations or refunds made after your purchase will result in a chargeback to your TimeBucks account.
    ==>Free money roll
    Once every 24 hours, you can click a button and roll and you will then get a random number.
    Note: You will earn 50% commission on all your level 1 referrals winnings from the Free Money tab!
    ==>Daily contest
    Every day, the top 5 earners on Timebucks will be rewarded with extra cash.
    <<<Referral Info>>>
    ==> 5 levels referral commission
    Level 1 Referrals: 15%, Level 2 Referrals: 2%, Level 3 Referrals: 2%, Level 4 Referrals: 2%, Level 5 Referrals: 1%.
    BONUS Comission:
    50% Commission on Level 1 Referrals Winnings in the Free Money Tab

    <<<Payment Options>>>
    ==> Payeer, Neteller, TransferWise, Skrill, AirTM and Bitcoin.
    Minimum Payout : $10 USD.

    Please register here:

    Thank you.
  2. Jonas Drako

    Jonas Drako Member

    Timebucks Update | February 21,2020
    <<<Tik Tok>>>
    Are you a singer, songwriter or music artist? Get your song heard by potentially MILLIONS of people for DIRT CHEAP prices on TikTok!

    All you need to do is add your song to TikTok, make sure it's available for All Countries, and add your campaign on TimeBucks!

    ==> Click on the link under "Song to use" which will send you directly to the advertisers song inside of TikTok.

    ==> Click the red "Use this sound" button at the bottom of the screen.

    ==> Upload any video you want (that your followers will like), and use this sound as the background sound. If your video has existing music or loud noises, make sure to click the "Volume" icon on the same screen and turn the "Original Sound" down.

    Remember: Logging in daily without even doing any tasks will give you 100 free entries, so be sure to login each day!

    Stay tuned for more updates.
    Thank you.

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