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The color of the floor is the most dirty

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Qizhenbi, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Qizhenbi

    Qizhenbi Member

    The color of the floor is the most dirty
    The floor is very easy to dirty, especially in the haze days, even if you are dragging every day, and soon there will be a layer of ash on the floor. So a lot of ready to decorate the pro will ask: What color of the floor of the most dirty it?horse barn and composite wall panels

    Gray series is the past few years, Europe and the United States more popular colors, low-key, the atmosphere, and the most possession of dust. White is the most impatient, but the white floor of the floor is white + wood texture, which not only enhance the three-dimensional effect, but also retains the texture of the logs, but also the depth of natural color, more natural. Even if there are stains, it is difficult to see out. Close to the wood color, natural fresh, the floor of the wood texture elegant and natural, to create a clear room space.plastic non slip wood in europe and the middle east

    Most people think that the dark floor dirty, in fact, the dark, high brightness of the floor is actually the most dirty, as long as there is a little dust or hair can be seen, this stick with the black car sticky gray feel dirty is the same reason.composite floor deck

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