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  1. viking88hp

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    I Am Not Admin/Owner Of The Project! !!!

    Online Date : 2020-03-22

    Investment Plans: 0.6% daily (1-3 months), 0.9% daily (3-9 months), 1.5% daily ( after 9 months)

    Min Spend : 10$

    Referral Commission : 0.3% from ref. accruals

    Withdrawal Type Manual

    Licensed Script

    DDoS Protection by DDOS-Guard

    Accpet Payment : Dash, Doge, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum.

    About Project :

    Refback :

    Check status :
  2. heatstreak

    heatstreak Member

    This program has been running really well guys
    I saw this being advertised in some faucets and decided to get in
    I invested a sum of 0.078 Btc in here and earning good profits
    I also received my two withdrawals instantly and it feels great
    This has a really good web design and script along with a nicely written Faq's

    NEW Deposit batch -

    0.078 BTC
    2020-03-20 22:27

    Payment batch -

    0.001404 BTC
    2020-03-23 23:40

    0.00424487 BTC
    2020-04-02 05:26

  3. heatstreak

    heatstreak Member

    Amazing program we have here in our pockets
    The profits are truly big as well
    I am gaining good referral bonuses and SWL coins which are then converted to USD to gain more profits overall
    Great and expensive script used as well in the program :)

    Payment batch -

    0.0052507 BTC
    2020-04-05 18:27

    0.00360725 BTC
    2020-04-07 20:34

  4. heatstreak

    heatstreak Member

    This program has a lot of developments and the script used by the project is very expensive
    This shows the program administrator is serious about this program There are also new webinars being issued which will help new members to understand how the system works
    Withdrawals are paid instantly as well, love it here. Don't miss it :)

    Payment batch -

    0.00692045 BTC
    2020-04-11 11:03

    0.00357345 BTC
    2020-04-13 13:28

  5. heatstreak

    heatstreak Member

    Amazing project we have here
    It's been paying since a long time and the program pays really good profits on active deposits as well as your account balance gives you earnings
    This program pays instantly as well and the referral commissions are the major factor to gain profits :)

    Payment batch -

    2020-04-15 06:01

    0.00538087 BTC
    2020-04-18 01:41

    0.00439362 BTC
    2020-04-20 18:11

  6. heatstreak

    heatstreak Member

    Program had to change the domain to biz and they were really quick on it
    The withdrawals are also paid instantly and i am really happy about it
    I received really good returns and I am still earning huge bucks here
    Very good program with an unique script
    You should not miss this opportunity :)

    Payment batch -

    0.00595786 BTC
    2020-04-23 23:13


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