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    In this forum you can advertise your stuff. Website, Products, Services, etc.

    1. No Spamming!
    2. You can NOT post your message more than once!
    3. You can NOT post your ad into other people topics!
    4. Provide enough information about what you advertise!
    5. No HYIP topics. For those use the HYIP Forum!
    6. No bumping your topic!

    If you don't follow this rules you will be warned and then banned! Please be respectful.

    Again, NO SPAMING!
  2. InfernusZp

    InfernusZp Active Member

    Nice upgrade Admin! Thank you for your good forum! Very good work!
  3. PET

    PET Administrator Staff Member

    Thank You. It was a lot of work but we had to do it :)

    XenForo is also a much better choice than vBulletin.
  4. Nikolay

    Nikolay New Member

    Greetings to ALL - I love Internet!

    Once again Hello to ALL!

    I am glad to be here and I hope to meet many new

    Networkers, business people and just average folks like myself.

    I am from Canada and I certainly enjoy the Internet world because what I do it involves Internet and it provides me a full time income. I am Internet Network Marketer with long years of Network Marketing experience.

    I will be honest about working online, I have been down the battered paths and walked the golden roads. One thing directed me to success is that I never gave up.

    My goal is to enjoy life to the fullest and spend time with my family and friends. This is the goal of many if not all of us and each and everyone should achieve it as long as they have the reliable, long term opportunity in place.

    I hope that sooner or later, those who I will meet here, we will be able to share some of our experience with online ventures and other interests.

    I wish you my very best and much success in what ever you do!


    John Kielec
    & Nikolay Artyuh
    Over 21Years Of Daily Payouts Worldwide!
    Others Do Not Even Come Close!
    Can $5 Earn UNLIMITED income for LIFE?
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    Satellite TV & Radio for your PC

    Satellite TV & Radio for your PC! Why pay $80 monthly for Cable or Satellite TV? 2150 TV Channels - Select your favorites out of 2150 international satellite based channels from most of the countries including USA, UK and many others. 5000 Radio Stations - Select your favorite Radio Stations From over 120 Different Countries! Installation is simple and easy - in just a few seconds you will be able to view thousands of channels. 100% Legal ? This software is not illegal in any way, as it streams all the free Satellite channels available on the Internet. Easy to use ? Everyone can use this. A simple interface makes it as easy as watching your regular television set! On line TV is the perfect solution, a simple and convenient alternative to cable and satellite.
  6. viabox_forever

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    Thank you admin. Nice and simple rules.
    Looks like a fun forum.
    thank you for having me.
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    nice share thanks for sharing such nice information
  8. SusyDDS

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    Finally an intelligent forum with the advertising section. I hope this will keep away spammers from inner sections/topics.
    Congrats !!!
  9. Contact Help number

    Contact Help number New Member

    nice share thanks for sharing such nice information
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    Thanks for this information.
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