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RimeCoin - Worlds Biggest Data Collection Platform

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Forum' started by PapiaKhatunAsha, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Block Chain Seoul 2018 launching event', Rime Coin; Regain ownership of your car data

    From September 17th to 19th, at COEX D Hall in Seoul, invited CEOs of 7 mainnet development companies from around the world who are fiercely competing for the 3rd block chain following Bitcoin and Ethereum. The topic of the conference will be on the future development and technology of blockchain.

    The general public will participate in the first block chain exhibition in Korea and will experience and imagine the block chain economy. ▲ Registration desk to make the wallet for Ethereum. ▲ Experience zone for apps that will change daily life. ▲ an experience zone for Block chain based smart government ▲ a financial zone to experience a change of finance ▲ a job fair for blockchain companies ▲ a block-chain hackathon ▲ a block-chain legal counsel ▲ a project meetup zone and much more awaits the participants.

    Among the companies participating in this event, the Estonian-based RIME COIN FOUNDATION will hold the "Block Chain Seoul 2018 launching event" during the period. Rime Coin will integrate the value of returning the driving data to the data producer and all the services in the aftermarket related to the vehicle, and provide the driver with this 'Connected Car Platform'.

    All data generated from the use of the service is added new value through AI analysis, generates and selling data, and distributes part of the revenue to customers. This is a 'business platform that connects vehicles and driving services'. The Rime Coin project is a 'virtual-Currency Platform' structure of a circulation system that distributes generated profit to users

    "With our project, we expect to grow more than 14% annually, and we will be able to increase our profit-sharing business in the connected car market ($160 billion in 2020, 14% in domestic growth, and 17% overseas)"

    Official Site: http://rimecoin.io/

    Telegram : t.me/rimecoin/

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