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Qoinad - qoinad.com

Discussion in 'GPT & Other Program Discussion' started by adamo, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. adamo

    adamo Active Member

    Earn ฿0.00000016 - ฿0.00000001 Per Click
    Earn ฿0.00000005 - ฿0.00000001 per referral click
    Minimum payout ฿ 0.00027000
    Withdraw to BTC wallet
    Requesting a withdraw is possible on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
    Guaranteed Ads Daily.
    Unique PTC Ads CashBack!
    Referral Upgrade Commission: 5%
    Legitimate PTC-Based Global Income Opportunity.
    Earn Bitcoins and Qoinad PTS for your time and for referring new members.
    Super Affordable Upgrades / 3 and 7 $ worth of BTC per month.
    Generous Team-Building commissions for all your downline earnings, purchases and up to 50% for upgrades.
    Withdrawals processed three times per week every time on time!Check FAQ and TOS for more details.
    Advanced account statistics and referral activity filter.


    QOINAD - All-in-one website for earning bitcoins online


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