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Discussion in 'Autosurf Discussion' started by hyipstalk, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. hyipstalk

    hyipstalk Administrator Staff Member

    Would members please note that this section is not for the purpose of posting advertisements.

    This folder is to discuss Autosurfers.

    Advertising should be done in the Advertising folder lower down the Forum which is clearly marked.

    The program name ONLY should be shown in the thread title.

    NO Referral links outside of the Advertisements folder, The only exception is that the first topic starter can post his ref link, please note that the only person that can reply with a ref link is the topic starter.

    DO NOT Announce programs that have already been announced.
    Do a >Search< before you announce a new program!

    All new topics MUST be created using the proper format when announcing a new program or your thread will be deleted:
    Topic Title: Program Name - URL
    Topic Description: Investment Plan - Payment Processors

  2. hyipstalk

    hyipstalk Administrator Staff Member

    Please Keep Threads Updated With Fresh Information

    We really do welcome new threads introducing programs to our members.

    It`d be great though if, having introduced the program, members could also post if that particular program encounters any problems. Or, repost from time to time to let us know if it`s still contining to pay.

    If, in fact, any member has a comment on any of the programs they`ve either joined themselves, or they have knowledge about, then please post in those threads.

    This way this folder will be of even more benefit to all our members as they can see the current status of programs.
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