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Paid to Click

Discussion in 'GPT & Other Program Discussion' started by predicter, Jan 27, 2007.

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  1. predicter

    predicter New Member

    Hi friends!
    i love ptc programs,so i want a list of paying ptc's,please provide me with a good list of ptc's,Thank you!:)
  2. TranCer

    TranCer New Member

    if you want a list with ptc programs that pay 1c / click instant to e-gold search the forum ..a member already post it :)
    if you want PTR programs>>>

    for offers

    have phun ;)
  3. predicter

    predicter New Member

    Thank you trancer for your support!
  4. basty

    basty New Member

    Trancer, I made an account on no2allmails.com and at 1000 = how many $$$ ?
  5. .Tine.

    .Tine. New Member

    You mean the ptp?
    The ptp @no2allemails is 60 CPM I think.
  6. canikizu

    canikizu New Member

    no2allmail ptp is 1$CPM. I am that site member.
  7. TranCer

    TranCer New Member

    heh .. i don`t know cause i got my account suspended there :D ( no2allmails )
  8. fishultras

    fishultras New Member

    We dont so much money with ptc, but if we habe time, are some good programs.:)
  9. predicter

    predicter New Member

    its ok fish,that you dont use ptc much,thanks for replying!
  10. duyduy

    duyduy Banned

    I think no minimum and donkeymails is the best
  11. ck84

    ck84 New Member

    $1/CPM ? then no2allmail also same as blowptr. Both are $1/CPM
  12. pinklee

    pinklee New Member

  13. predicter

    predicter New Member

    hi pinklee also give more details,including min. payout and how many times u have been payed?
  14. meobeo

    meobeo New Member

    to pinklee... tc-mails is scam now
  15. PhucHan

    PhucHan New Member

    tc- mails scam 1-2 weeks ago....
  16. ayhhe

    ayhhe New Member

    I think so! They always pay to its members without delay.
  17. Miss

    Miss New Member

    I think Trancer recommended good ones for you bu I'll recommend another 2 for the offers
    Both are with no min for e-gold.


  18. canikizu

    canikizu New Member

  19. sensitiveheart_4

    sensitiveheart_4 New Member

  20. dynamite

    dynamite New Member

    I find beavermails is fairly decent, I get around 10 emails+ a day, but the PTC isn't too promising. :(
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