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Optimalbux - optimalbux.com

Discussion in 'GPT & Other Program Discussion' started by adamo, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. adamo

    adamo Active Member

    Earn $0.001 per click
    Earn $0.0005 per Referrals click
    Minimum cashout is $2.00
    Payments via Payza,Perfect Money, Bitcoin
    Detailed statistics of your ref. clicks
    Professional Support

    Sister of Scarlet-clicks & Gptplanet!!

    optimalbux uses legal EvolutionScript license

    OPTIMALBUX - Welcome to Optimalbux

  2. adamo

    adamo Active Member

    OptimalBux was officially launched!

    With OptimalBux you can earn by :

    Clicking ads.
    Complete PTSU offers.
    Purchasing adpacks that grow up to 120%.
    Click ads and complete surveys from our supported walls.
    Rent referrals and earn up to $0.001 per RR click.
    And finally by referring members and earn up to 100% from their clicks.
    Minimum cashout is $5.00

    Sister of Scarlet-clicks & Gptplanet!!
  3. adamo

    adamo Active Member

    Admin added Payeer as supported payment processor.

    Buy a Adpack and you will get 120% (20% extra) on maturity.
  4. adamo

    adamo Active Member

    Skrill, Neteller and SolidtrustPay added.
    For Skrill and Neteller the deposits are done manually so please wait up to 24 hours for the funds to get added to your purchase balance.

    Payza is temporarily disable for purchases and cashouts.

  5. adamo

    adamo Active Member

    Income from adpack revenueshares
    Return: 120%
    PRICE: $10

    Here are the daily earnings for adpacks per membership :

    Standard and Silver 0.5%
    Gold 0.6%
    Platinum 0.7%
    Diamond 1%

  6. adamo

    adamo Active Member

    New withdraw rule
    From now on you can withdraw an unlimited amount to the payment processor from which you have the most deposits .
    The maximum amount you can request to the other payment processors is equal to the value of the deposits you've made through them individually.
    For example if you have $100 in deposits from Payza and $10 from Skrill you can withdraw up to $10 to Skrill until you deposit more from Skrill.If you reach or have more than $100 deposits from Skrill then Skrill becomes the processor which you used to make the most deposits so you can withdraw an unlimited amount to Skrill.

    This withdraw rule is for only the members that have deposits!
    If you do not have any deposit you can withdraw to any payment processor you want.


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