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How to show my keyword in Google Ist position?

Discussion in 'Webmasters Forum & SEO' started by Heena Spencer, May 9, 2017.

  1. Heena Spencer

    Heena Spencer New Member

    Hello guys,

    Before few days, my keyword ranking show in google 6-7 position. I am target many techniques or ways. But it is not rank in Google Ist page. Can anyone suggest me, how to do showing it in google Ist Position. What to do???
  2. Jeena

    Jeena New Member

    Creating strong backlinks as much you can
  3. WebHostWala

    WebHostWala New Member

    You have to follow SEO steps in order to see your website on 1st position. Stress on On Page SEO and once that is done promote your website by writing blogs, articles, posting good content in related forum. Also be active on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more. When people will like your content, they will search for your website and hence increase the traffic. Google will consider your website as a informative one and may show it on first page.
  4. MattHogan

    MattHogan New Member

    By following all the SEO techniques according to the google guidelines you can make your website listed in the top of the search results.
  5. Peter Thomson

    Peter Thomson New Member

    Follow all the Seo Guidelines and you get a good result in your website ranking in one month

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