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Hardcover floor acceptance

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Qizhenbi, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Qizhenbi

    Qizhenbi Member

    Hardcover floor acceptance
    Fine decoration of the floor of the problem has always been more prominent, a serious impact will directly affect the quality of housing and overall beauty and human health. So the floor acceptance is fine decoration room acceptance process an important part. Acceptance first depends on whether the color of the floor is consistent. If the color is too large, the direct impact of beauty, you can ask for exchange; if the color is too consistent no color, see the surface of the floor pattern is the same; if the pattern is almost the same, it may be art floor, rather than the so-called valuable wood species floor The wpc exterior decorative outdoor wall cladding

    Everyone in the inspection room can be on the floor back and forth, the footsteps should be increased, especially by the wall parts and the door parts and more attention, found that the sound of the parts to be repeated to move to determine the specific location of the sound mark. Beijia floor to remind you that, encountered such a situation, should be required to remove the resurfacing. There are sound parts of the construction workers in the construction process is not standardized and the use of materials caused by failure: the operation is not standardized mainly in the keel fixed is not strong; material failure is mainly reflected in the keel without drying. In addition, some decoration construction units with untreated keel construction, the surface to see the traces of drying, in fact, did not dry.true forest vinyl flooring

    More common is because the keel untreated, there are borers. Such as the discovery is not timely, and so found a bite, the floor has been almost the same. Creases and scratches can be seen directly with the naked eye. But for the floor scratches the country has expressly stipulated: solid wood flooring gap should not be greater than 0.5 mm; scratches are mainly caused by rough decoration, such as waxing method can not be repaired, it must be replaced.white woodgrain upvc fence in uk

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