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    If you're searching for a reliable and trustworthy investment platform that actually practice what they preach, then you should get started with Credex Trade Investment. I have been investing with this company since June 2019 and trust me, Credex Trade Investment is unlike any other investment platform I have come across in terms of longevity and quality service. I also confirmed they have a real address located in Washington DC, United States and this company are not into any form of promotion, they let their investors spread the word.

    Credex offers two investment plans, the basic plan which gives you a 1.5% daily return in profit for a total investment period of 20 days, and the standard plan which gives you a 2% daily return in profit for a total investment period of 25 days. Profits can be withdrawn while investment is still ongoing as long as it's up to the minimum withdrawal which is $10, your initial investment can only be withdrawn after the investment period is complete. The minimum investment at Cradex is $100 and one who actually can't afford it can equally partake in their referral program where you get a 10% commission of your referral's first investment, commission will be added to your account balance which you can equally withdraw or start an investment with.

    Sign up at Credex and start profiting from your investment.

    You can read up reviews from some of their investors and also give your review on their review page.

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    Credex Trade still paying its investors till date, I do my research, so I only share reliable investment platform that are here for the long run
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    Haven't joined Credex yet? Please rethink, because I know you guys might think they're a ponzi scheme, but the truth is these guys are legit and have a real company address in Washington DC, United States. My referrals are all making good benefit from this investment
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    Hey guys...join Credex Trade Investment and grow your investment over time

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