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Discussion in 'HYIP Discussion' started by gentho, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. gentho

    gentho New Member

    Welcome to Gold Profit Shares

    Gold Profit Shares is a HYIP based on profit sharing model with a return of 130%-160%. With this new business model HYIP sites has the potential to remain in business and be profitable for a long term.

    How it Works

    Members have the opportunity to earn 130% to 160%, depending on the plan they choose, by purchasing shares. A share costs $1.00 and shares will remain active and continue to earn until it reached the total maximum ROI. Since the daily share percentage will vary everyday depending on amount of shares bought, the duration of getting the max ROI is not fixed. We evenly split 70% of our daily profit between each shares. 10% of total shares everyday goes to reserve fund, 10% for referral fees, and 10% for admin related fees.


    - Monthly Referral Contest - Prize Pot : $200 - (Monitors not included) Start date : Feb. 19, 2007 to Mar. 18, 2007

    - Max. Investor of the Day - Prize Pot : $20 - The first member who will deposit the max daily limit ($1000) for the day, will get the prize pot. Start date : Feb. 21, 2007

    - 2K Mark Hitter - Prize Pot : $10 - Hit the mark deposit amount and you win. Next mark will be announced soon. Start date : Feb. 19, 2007

    - Screenshot Posting - Prize Pot : $1 - Post your payment screenshot over at forums (MMG, TG, DTM) and we will choose 1 winner daily.

    - Voting Contest - Prize Pot : $10 - to be announced soon.

    Special Features

    ESCROW ACCOUNT - An escrow account builds assurance among members that their deposit will earn the target percentage for the day. It works like a holding account. Shares placed in this account will be deposited to the main pool ONLY IF the target Live Share Percentage (LSP) for the day is reached. Otherwise, it will be 100% refunded back to members account which you can then request for withdrawal or you may deposit it back.

    REFUND OPTION - Overcome your fear of joining. The refund button is available anytime and you may opt to hit the button if you wish too. You will get your principal back less 10% referral fee. This option is available only to those members who are not yet in profit

    Program Details

    - 130% to 160% ROI
    - $1 Daily Minimum Deposit
    - $1000 Daily Deposit Limit
    - 10% referral fee
    - Share distribution at the start of the day
    - Withdrawal after 24 hrs from time of deposit
    - No withdawal restriction
    - No withdrawal fee
    - No Compounding
    - Automated Banner Ads Buy
    - Ad Revenue are included in the Profit Sharing
    - Payment System - Egold
  2. gentho

    gentho New Member

    will deposit, but e-gold down..
    hope i still get 70% roi when e-gold up again..
  3. nightmare

    nightmare New Member

    Today we can open our egold account again
    You try to spent..?
    Please make some payment proof tomorrow
  4. canikizu

    canikizu New Member

    I just made a deposit in this one, too. It look good :D
  5. headjc

    headjc New Member

    Really great , i will try invest 1$ for check , Thanks you for post , anyone have another infomation about this site please post here , Thanks
  6. jedik1

    jedik1 New Member

    But I have a question......even for the promotion you need to invest here.
  7. canikizu

    canikizu New Member

    :). I think it is ok, what is the point to join a hyip and don't invest :D ??
  8. kingson1988

    kingson1988 New Member

    17:16 Payment Received 76430105 Gold +0.000623 4041749 0.41 USD 657.60
    From: GoldProfitShares
    Memo: PaymentforTotalshares.comAcct#

    High profit share yesterday.
    Here is the payment.
  9. gentho

    gentho New Member

    no...i am not lucky enough, my internet connection also i cannot online soothly until today...

    so i miss the day 1..
    maybe if i invest, i will get return 100% already today, because share is 70, 2day is 20% and now live share already 10%
  10. nightmare

    nightmare New Member

    well, congrats to you boss..
    Its hard to get profit with hyip in this year
  11. canikizu

    canikizu New Member

    03:29 Payment Received 76447878 Gold +0.000303 4041749 0.20 USD 660.80
    From: GoldProfitShares
    Memo: PaymentforTotalshares.comAcct#

    I got my first payout too :)
    I think i will invite admin to here, too. :D
  12. headjc

    headjc New Member

    I get this error :( To day i can't view my account.
    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111) in /home/weallus/public_html/goldprofitshares/connect.php on line 0
    Could not connect: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111)
  13. canikizu

    canikizu New Member

    Just press refresh again and again, or connect to the site later.
    I can't believe it =)). I received email of Withdraw faster than email of Withdraw Request. This is fun
  14. kingson1988

    kingson1988 New Member

    18:29 Payment Received 76485850 Gold +0.000309 4041749 0.21 USD 680.10
    From: GoldProfitShares
    Memo: PaymentforTotalshares.comAcct#

    The rate is pretty low today.
    Hope there would be more investors participate in.
  15. canikizu

    canikizu New Member

    05:29 Payment Received 76506892 Gold +0.000147 4041749 0.10 USD 678.60
    From: GoldProfitShares
    Memo: PaymentforTotalshares.comAcct#

    This is mine :) It is lower than yesterday, the live share is not big as yesterday :)
  16. Linna

    Linna New Member

    I've joined this program today and made a little spend.
    What encouraged me to join in goldprofitshares is the fact that its admin is older member of MMG (though this was proven not be allways so reliable :rolleyes: ), but led by the experience with total-shares, I think (hope) this one will be as good as TS.
  17. kingson1988

    kingson1988 New Member

    Welcome Linna.

    18:01 Payment Received 76538184 Gold +0.000486 4041749 0.33 USD 679.20
    From: GoldProfitShares
    Memo: PaymentforTotalshares.comAcct#

    I gain profit from this site already.:)
  18. canikizu

    canikizu New Member

    congrats to you i've never think that you only joined the hyip for someday and already in profit with it. I got about 3/5 my balance right now :). maybe for 3 more days i will get all of it.
  19. montsa007

    montsa007 New Member

    LSP is 20.80% good job this one can run for long term
  20. kingson1988

    kingson1988 New Member

    I have earn 130% profit already.
    Just cash out my last payment.

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