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FreeBitcoin - freebitcoin.win

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Forum' started by adamo, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. adamo

    adamo Active Member


    FreeBitcoin.Win is a multi-coin faucet where you can claim 9 cryptocoins:

    Bitcoin - Claim: 9 - 19 btc + bonus link 10 sat/visit

    DogeCoin - Claim: 34103213 - 55417721 doge + bonus link 50000000 sat/visit

    LiteCoin - Claim: 517 - 1380 ltc + bonus link 500 sat/visit

    DashCoin - Claim: 138 - 312 dash + bonus link 80 sat/visit

    BlackCoin - Claim: 233013 - 419423 blk + bonus link 100000 sat/visit

    Bitcoin Cash - Claim: 40 - 114 bch + bonus link 80 sat/visit

    Ethereum - Claim: 136 - 307 eth + bonus link 50 sat/visit

    PeerCoin - Claim: 30147 - 52757 ppc + bonus link 10000 sat/visit

    PrimeCoin - Claim: 275336 - 550672 xpm + bonus link 30000 sat/visit

    In order to claim the coins and take full advantage of this site, you need to create an account - it only takes a few seconds and it doesn"t require email confirmation. After you created your account, you need to add your coin addresses for each currency in order to be able to withdraw your earnings to FaucetHub. This makes claiming the faucets a lot more easier! You only need to do this ONCE and you can edit your addresses at any time.

    Referral Program
    Earn more by promoting your referral link and earn 20%! You get an unique referral link and you earn every time your downline makes a claim, regardless of the coin. If your downline claims BTC, you get 20% in your BTC balance; if he claims DOGE, you get 20% in your DOGE balance and so on!

    Extra Earnings
    You can earn even more by visiting a long list of shorteners.
    Choose the balance you want to receive your bonuses to and click the bonus button. You will have to solve a captcha and click the Skip Ad button and your earnings will be added to your selected balance instantly!

    While you wait for the faucets to cooldown, you can play Dice and Slots and try to multiply your earnings.

    Payments are sent to FaucetHub upon request. You can request a payment at anytime as there is no minimum threshold limit.

    FREEBITCOIN - Create New Account


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