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Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting

Discussion in 'HYIP Discussion' started by hyipstalk, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. hyipstalk

    hyipstalk Administrator Staff Member

    HYIPs Talk Forum Rules - Please read before posting

    Members that do not respect the Rules of the Forum will be warned and in severe cases banned. The rules are here to protect all members

    Members are not to use more than ONE username. Any member found to be using more than one username will be subject to being banned from the forum.

    Multiple accounts from the same IP address or a close IP range MAY be considered multiple IDs unless there is a clear indication in the profile that they belong to the members of the same family or a company

    No personal attacks, racial abuse or discrimination will be tolerated whatsoever.

    No swearing or foul language will be tolerated.

    No Adult/Porn related sites will be tolerated, members that will violate this rule will get permanently banned from the forum.

    No illegal Torrents will be allowed, members that will violate this rule will get permanently banned from the forum.

    Please post using normal size font (size 2). It can be annoying to other members when a post is written in over sized print, or all CAPITALS or all in bold. The use of these other features has it's place, but should be used with discretion. If Moderators feel that any post doesn't comply with this rule then they may edit, or delete the post, and the member will be warned.

    Members may have a signature with text and links, banner signatures are also allowed

    Please use normal font in your signatures (size 2), with NO MORE than 5 links

    No more than 5 lines, including spaces, are permitted within signatures

    You may choose to use bold or color in your signatures

    Banners have their place, but NOT within posts in the forum with the exception of smileys. If the use of smileys takes up more space than the permitted space for 5 lines then your signature will be amended/deleted. It`s up to members to use discretion if using any smileys so they don`t cause any height problems.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE:- If any member is found to have a signature that doesn't conform to these guidelines then moderators will delete/ or amend your signature at their discretion. If the signature is deleted then in it's place the message will appear- "Please check signature rules."

    Advertising is ONLY permitted in the advertising forum and folders, and ads posted in wrong folders will be deleted

    NO Referral links outside of the Advertisements folder, The only exception is that the first thread starter may post his ref link under the "New & Existing HYIP Discussion" and "Autosurfers, Paid To Read, Paid to Click, MLMs" sections, please note that the first topic starter may also reply to his post with his ref link.
    PLEASE NOTE that the first thread starter must support his thread with updates about the thread that he started and if he fails to do this his ref link will be removed from the thread.

    No spamming of ads or referral links via PMs or posts

    No asking other members to check out your own signature links


    Please check individual folders for any additional rules relating to that folder
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