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firefox or chrome password exporter?

Discussion in 'Computer Discussions & Security' started by Ayesha Pari, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. Ayesha Pari

    Ayesha Pari New Member

    how can i export password which i have saved in chrome or firefox or opera
    i want to get back up of password because last time i lost my all login data
    somebody help me please
  2. Ayesha Pari

    Ayesha Pari New Member

    Some body Help Me Please
  3. tonyjack

    tonyjack New Member

    I'm not able to do that guys..
    Its not my field. let's someone else to answer this.
  4. madeinjaya

    madeinjaya New Member

    Perhaps you must copied all old files on where the new Chrome/FireFox installed. Perhaps it will works..
  5. edowibawa

    edowibawa Member

    Yeah, just try it what madeinjaya suggestion. Perhps, it will work
  6. viabox_forever

    viabox_forever New Member

    You can just manually store them. Browsers can only exchange browsing history and bookmarks. Not saved passwords.
    Still there might be a way. I think you should google it.
  7. JohnJeff

    JohnJeff Member

  8. WillBooker

    WillBooker New Member

    i prefer chrome only

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