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Effective Rules to Manage your Outlook Emails

Discussion in 'Computer Discussions & Security' started by Peter Thomson, Oct 23, 2017.


Outlook Rules

Poll closed Oct 30, 2017.
  1. Outlook Safety

  2. Hotmail account help

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  1. Peter Thomson

    Peter Thomson New Member

    Following this steps to safe Outlook Account
    • You can never, ever delete an email.
    • I always keep fewer than 25 emails in my main inbox.
    • If an email is marked as unread, it truly is unread
    Hotmail helpline number UK
    If you any other issues in Outlook Account contact us over Hotmail Tech Expert Team UK
  2. WillBooker

    WillBooker New Member

    Is it not more convenient to use the browser version of the e-mail? I'm just not used to using Outlook

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