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eCoin.eu trading platform/system for buying/selling Bitcoin, Litecoin

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Forum' started by ecoin, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. ecoin

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    The Bank Of Uganda’s Warning Regarding The Digital Currencies Makes The Bitcoin Renowned!

    Katherine Atuhari, the representative ot the Uganda Bitcoin Network, says that the recent notice to the public that is released by the Bank of Uganda or the BOU which asked the Ugandans to keep away right from the Bitcoin and other digital currencies and comparing the Bitcoin with the OneCoin has boosted the popularity of the Bitcoin in the East African nation.

    A crypto entrepreneur and some may have called her as the Ugandan Bitcoin Queen, Katherine Atuhari deems that such calls are the hint that the Bitcoin has been noticed and the government feels threatened that they have no control over the real cryptocurrency. As she says that the Bank of Uganda has openly come out as another opportunity to market the currencies. And the fact that the human beings are naturally curious to do what they are forbidden to do; therefore, I really presumed that there will be more knowledge concerning the crypto market hence its popularity. However, she guaranteed that the crypto community in Uganda is not scared in view of the fact that the funds cannot be frozen or even plundered by the state, and thanks to the Blockchain for this extraordinary strength and capabilities.
    On the other hand, the Founder of the Uganda Bitcoin Network was filled with doubts if her compatriots will pay attention to the warning made by the Central Bank that maintains 8.9% of the inflation rate. She believes that the warning will only amplify the size of the crypto community, as more people will start finding more and more regarding the cryptocurrencies and its numerous benefits and advantages for the Ugandans and for that certain matter that the Africans can gather from it. And the fact that some Ugandans are aware of what the Bitcoin and the Altcoins can offer them as being compared to the fiat.

    The Ugandan Bitcoin Queen is calling on the entire attention of the digital currency community in Uganda and beyond to come together as one and begin engaging the authorities, particularly the Bank of Uganda and the key policymakers as well. And she truly emphasized the necessity for an instant Uganda Bitcoin conference to be convened. And the verity that the crypto community ought to explain the advantages and the benefits of the cryptocurrencies and how they can work together with the banks to enhance the financial technology growth within the country. And this is the righteous path since most of the time such directives derives from the
    misunderstandings and fear of change. The government of Uganda will do their people a good quality of service by doing an excellent job of finding out what solutions that the cryptocurrency extends to the entire country.

    Read more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/articl...igital-currencies-makes-the-bitcoin-renowned/
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    Based On Google Trends The Bitcoin User Base Are Doubling Every 12 Months!

    A commentator, Willy Woo has forecast that the Bitcoin user numbers and investments are set to double every 12 months. Citing data from the Google, the rapidly increasing controversial Woo calculates that the Bitcoin doubles its users every 371 days.


    As Willy Woo written on his Woobull blog that what we have here is a steady exponential growth baseline with the periodic peaks. And these peaks are inline with the price bubbles where more users start checking the price of their precious coins. And taking the readings from the baseline outcomes within an order of magnitude growth of every 3.375 years or being expressed in terms of time to double the user base of approximately in the duration of 12 months. …Plus anticipate the capital injections into the BTC to be similar for the years ahead.

    In the terms of the adoption, Willy Woo has to look forward to a classic S-shaped curve as a trend for the Bitcoin, and similar for the other innovative technologies such as the radio, computers and the internet. As he stated that if he were to deduce the Bitcoin’s adoption curve will be a symmetric S-curve, and we will reach 50% adoption in coming 9 more years, on the other hand, to complete the last half of the S will take 17 more years and 26 years from today!

    Willy Woo is setting himself as an increasingly popular source of analysis in the Bitcoin world attracting both praise and criticism for his post on the social media.

    Read more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/articl...tcoin-user-base-are-doubling-every-12-months/

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    eCoin.eu team wishes Happy Easter!:)
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    Charles Lee: Litecoin To Reach $14

    The Litecoin creator Charles Lee deems that the price of the digital currency could achieve the rate of $14 at the time of SegWit’s activation on the network.

    It was 2nd of April, Saturday, the F2Pool has mined Segregated Witness or the SegWit blocks for both of the Bitcoin and the Litecoin. Then Charles Lee has tweeted that he perceives that there is 72.34% of chance of another pool signaling for the SegWit in the next seven days. He equates the estimated prices of Litecoin to the level of the signaling the network has gathered thus far of 20% which equivalents with $4 USD; 60% that equals with $9 USD; and 100% that corresponds with $14 USD.

    There are indications that the network will activate SegWit as soon as possible. Then it establishes the excitement and thrill even in the Bitcoin camp as well; and for some users to join the Litecoin train. This angle, as well as the understanding that its activation of the SegWit is an experiment for the Bitcoin makes some enthusiasts that probably would like to throw their weight behind it.

    They are quite hopeful that the Litecoin will show the Bitcoin community that the SegWit can be good for the Bitcoin although the Litecoin price is likely to fall if and after the SegWit is activated for the Bitcoin. This is due to the facts of a successful implementation will likely amplify the chances of a successful Bitcoin SegWit execution significantly. And in the meantime, the Litecoin price will likely continue to gradually rise until the activation leading through to when the SegWit will go live.

    The Litecoin’s capability to coalesce both of the Bitcoin and the Lightning Network for the transactions is a most important feature that could possibly distinguish that it will become more valuable than the top alternative currencies for the reason that it can unlock new possibilities that the industry has not seen yet. And the prospect that the SegWit activation on Litecoin may bring in new users to the fold is also another factor that will affect this particular scenario.

    The progress is coming after the time when Charles Lee has written a letter to the Chinese Litecoin miners and the pool operators aimed on convincing them that regards on why the SegWit is good for the network. He fully made it clear to them that the Litecoin is not currently running into a block size problem; and it also has four times of capacity of the Bitcoin; but is bent on activating the SegWit because it has a fix for the transaction flexibility that fully enables the addition of the new technologies such as the Lightning Network and also the signatures or the confidential transactions.

    His recommendations that the Litecoin can really outshine if they can get the SegWit on the Litecoin as the Bitcoin keeps upon stalling due to the block size scaling deadlock could appeal to a section of the Chinese investors. And he is very much certain that the market is waiting for the Litecoin to get SegWit and the price will also react positively if the SegWit is activated. And seeing all of these other Altcoins pumps is beyond doubt disheartening.

    Read more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/article/585/Charles_Lee%3A_Litecoin_To_Reach_%2414/
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    Samsung: Nexledger Enterprise Platform


    Samsung has unveiled a Blockchain-fuelled, Nexledger Enterprise Platform. The Korean computing giant Samsung has divulged three new Blockchain products on the first week of this year’s April as one of its firm moves to become a forerunner in the market.

    A local Korean news resource which is The Investor has reported that the firm’s Nexledger formally released on the 6th of April aims to provide an integrated solution to the corporations seeking a cost-efficient means of managing the financial transactions, as well as their data exchange. It is the product of Samsung’s Internet technologies that fully arms Samsung SDS which has also developed a digital identification tool as well as the Blockchain-powered payment service.

    Song Kwang Woo, the Samsung SDS Vice President of Finance Consulting and Distributed Ledger Technology, has said in a press conference that in developing their Blockchain platform, they have thought hard regarding on how to merge their strengths and their know-how from their system integration service expertise with the advantages of the Blockchain technology.

    Over the past few years, just like several of their competitors such as the IBM and the Microsoft, the corporation has remained active in the Blockchain technology experiments. And having caught up in the mix to those who are interested in the Blockchain and having invested in the Blockchain startup the Blocko in last year’s October, had begun the test phase of the Nexledger in which the platform was applied to its Samsung Card credit card company.
    And at the very same time, Samsung Artik cloud network and the Blockchain-based IoT service provider riddle&code had made known their joint venture called “tagtok”, which enables any physical object to become a Blockchain node.

    Read more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/article/588/Samsung%3A_Nexledger_Enterprise_Platform/
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    Bitcoin And Blockchain Security Conference In Malta


    The Bitcoin and the Blockchain have received a dedicated day at a week-long event which highlights the use of the cryptography in the finance and data security.

    The International Financial Cryptography Conference which had kicked off in Malta, 3rd of April this year that runs until that Friday, that draws together the industry experts and academics worldwide, who had presented their findings and holds into the discussion on the certain issue.

    The Tuesday’s 4th of April this year, had seen a session regarding the Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology together with the HashCash creator Adam Back, Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, and Charles Hoskinson. Adam Back is one of the conference’s general chairs. The Program Chair of the Conference, Professor Aggelos Kiayias has mentioned in a press release that the conference is one of a kind opportunity for the world leading researchers in the cryptography, the data security and privacy to come together.

    And the findings are also presented in the conference will make a big impact and yet also influence the best practices and therefore contribute to the new standards for the cyber security in the information technology industry. And along with the 5th of April, Wednesday’s session, the research had presented the topics such as the consumer banking app cryptography and also regarding on how the hackers exploit a variety of vulnerabilities.
    The main goal of the conference was to showcase the security and cryptography researchers and also practitioners together with the economists, banker, implementers and also the policy-makers.

    Read more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/article/592/Bitcoin_And_Blockchain_Security_Conference_In_Malta/
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    Segregated Witness Exposure Beholds Litecoin Price Pass $14


    The Litecoin is up for another 30%, riding the wave of excitement and thrill that surrounds the ostensibly looming introduction of the Segregated Witness or the SegWit. Having steady in price and also in the market cap for some time, the trading at just under $4 USD per coin, Litecoin is now at over $14!

    The last 5th of April, Wednesday has seen a 70% of the miners that are signalling the SegWit which in the past 24 hours duration of time has given that dropped with a slightly 68.75%. And at 75% support, the SegWit would trigger.
    On the social media, twitter, the Litecoin creator Charles Lee or we all have known as Charlie Lee (@SatoshiLite) had capitalized on the record trading of the asset on GDAX to the proposition of the Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong on adding the fiat purchasing options. Right there, Brian Armstrong responded that he “is in”.

    In the intervening time, a blog post which is written by Charles Lee in a way back January in that explains regarding the SegWit has supported and achieved praises from the former Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director, Bruce Fenton who has described it as outstanding. Charles Lee has written that the Litecoin does not have a block size problem at all. And that is right and the SegWit is not just a block scaling solution as well. And he would even say that the block scaling is just a side benefits and advantages of the SegWit. And the main fix is the transaction flexibility which allocates the Lightning Network or the LN to build on the top of the Litecoin.

    The Litecoin’s price performance meanwhile echoes that there are several of the top ten Altcoins since the beginning of the year with Dash, Ethereum and most recently Ripple are rising in value.
    Read more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/article/594/Segregated_Witness_Exposure_Beholds_Litecoin_Price_Pass%20%2414/
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    In The Year Of 2018, Russia Will Recognize Bitcoin In All Transactions


    Russia has declared that they will recognize the Bitcoin in the year 2018,subject to full transaction monitoring. In line with the most recent statements by the country’s Central Bank Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseev, he has mentioned in an interview which was conducted by the Bloomberg that a wholly legal position was to be taken on the cryptocurrency in this near and approaching future.

    Previously, the Bitcoin and the Altcoin had languished in a regulatory gray area with both the users and the entities that are operating in Russia; they were being threatened with the takedowns and even the jail time. Last October, the state communications watchdog the Roskomnadzor has blocked access to a peer-to-peer marketplace LocalBitcoins nationwide, the developers have responded by the means of setting up a dedicated mirror site such as the LocalBitcoins.net.

    Central Bank Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseev has said that the state fully needs to be familiar with who at every time stands on the both sides of the financial chain… And if there is a transaction that the people who are facilitating it must understand from whom they have purchased and to whom they were selling, just similar with the bank operations.

    Based on the Bloomberg report, at the same time as the cryptocurrency is still yet to receive an official status enshrined in laws, the decision on whether it will be treated as an asset, or cash or a security is due in the middle of the year 2017.

    Last January of this year, the Bank of Russia Deputy Olga Skorobogatova has said that the authorities would not like to concretely block anything and instead just understand how to approach the cryptocurrency and also from this, generate a basis for the regulation.

    Read more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/articl...a_Will_Recognize_Bitcoin_In_All_Transactions/

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    Coffee And Blockchain: Stellar And Bext360


    A technology firm is utilizing the Stellar’s Blockchain network to probably provide a fair coffee sales technology from its grower all the way to its consumer. Bext360 which is a Denver-based startup has built a robot for automatically assessing the coffee bean quality along with the cloud software and also an app that fully tracks the sales process using the technology.

    CEO Daniel Jones has told the TechChurch regarding the recent fair trade market in which states that above all, the groups that are working on the fair trade have spent a lot of overhead on tracing materials. And this particular group of people has used the rudimentary tracing mechanism. And the outcome is very imprecise. The people in the field can still get exploited.
    The Bext306’s mobile robot is a glorified weighing scale. It practically employs an optical sorting to fully distinguish the coffee beans from the quality of good and bad beans and also deliver a great quality score on a batch. The buyers and the sellers then use the accompanying app to work out a fair price and the goods are then tracked further with the Stellar.

    Daniel Jones has claimed that in so doing, the off-touted advantages and benefits of the fair trade are brought to their conclusion together with a party further along the chain able to know down to the cup where the coffee came from and whether a fair price was paid.
    This particular concept has already proven popular with the investors in which a previous funding round fully generates the sum of $1.2 million. And the successful implementation is a further boon for the Stellar whose network is seeing a mounting in the updates and international use cases came to fulfillment.

    Read more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/article/604/Coffee_And_Blockchain%3A_Stellar_And_Bext360/
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    Use the eCoin.eu offered tool - Arbitrage, and be successful at Stock Trading!

    Cryptocurrency Stock Exchange eCoin.eu provides you a tool for interbourse trade - Arbitrage.
    With the help of this tool, any person and professional, and the novice can easily earn money every day due to a difference in Cryptocurrency price in various stock exchanges.

    How does it work?
    On the page of Arbitrage(https://www.ecoin.eu/ru/arbitrage/index) you see a list of Stock Exchanges, with the help of check boxes you can enable or disable the display of the exchanges.
    As you can see in the chart, the difference in rates between the Stock Exchanges is significant. And you can buy a Bitcoin in one Stock Exchange at a low rate, and immediately sell Bitcoin to another Stock Exchange at a higher rate.
    Arbitrage Tool (https://www.ecoin.eu/ru/arbitrage/index) will help you calculate your profit with each Bitcoins.

    Note: When calculating the profit, the Commission is not considered, as at the Stock Exchanges there are different methods of entering resources and different %.
    But for example at the eCoin.eu Stock Exchange, you can replenish your account by eCoin Vouchers as 0%, and thereby minimize their losses on Arbitrage.

    More: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/arbitrage/index/
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    Within 5 Years Period of Time the Banks Will Adopt the Digital Currencies!


    It was not only more than three years ago that the founding and firming the icons of the entire world like the Wall Street Journal and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were in every manner ignoring the Bitcoin and the world of the digital currency. And it is crystal clear that this certain innovations and the financial advancements such as the Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology that cannot be ignored and set aside anybody else no more.

    Read the full article here: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/article/352
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    The Bitcoin Advantages over the Traditional Investment


    The traditional investors have always loomed and approached the digital currencies like the Bitcoin with an additional precaution due to their highly volatile market worth and value. On the other hand, the devastating and great performance of the Bitcoin as an investment and a currency has catch the attention and attracted the likes of a traditional investors over the past few months and counting.

    The Bitcoin as an investment means provides investors with the three significant advantages and compensation over the traditional investments, the liquidity, the high market demand and the minimalistic trading.

    The Liquidity – Bitcoin is a regarded as one of the most liquid assets and resources in the financial market today for the reason of the global establishment and founding of the Bitcoin exchanges, trading platforms and the brokers.

    The investors or the holders of the Bitcoin can easily and quickly trade the Bitcoin for cash or for other assets like gold and other cryptocurrencies right away and instantly; with low fees and charges unlikely the shares of a company or the publicly traded funds and assets that requires the operations of a third party institution like the stock exchange to process and settle the orders and investments. Regions like the Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina that are known and popular for its very strict and rigid financial rules and regulations that disallow and misallocates the trading of the foreign currencies and assets also have their fair share of the Bitcoin exchanges and trading platforms in which enable the holders of the Bitcoin to transfer and move their wealth outside their country and also bypassing the country’s government.

    The high range of liquidity of the Bitcoin creates and establishes a viable ecosystem for the investors to trade in and especially and significantly those that are looking for a short-span of term of profit. The digital currency is also a practical and a best way for a long-term investment for the reason of its particularly high market demand and trend.

    The High Market Demand – The traditional investors reasonably and quite question the trend and demand and also the value and worth behind the Bitcoin. The investors that have only limited knowledge in technology, struggles and have a hard time to understand and fully get the economics behind the Bitcoin and how its market value and worth is being determined. In due course like any other asset in the market today, the worth and value of the Bitcoin Id directly dependent on its demand trend. Unless, the demand for the Bitcoin completely evaporates and vanished, the worth and value of the Bitcoin will continue to increase.

    The Founder of the Marc Warne, Bittylicious further explains the details in, “The Bitcoin will be used and utilized more in the upcoming and approaching future because it is the first time that something not fully controlled and manifested by any entity like a government or a bank that has been used over the internet. It has been around for over seven years now without any single fundamental issues and cases.”
    The high market demand and trend of the Bitcoin guarantees and pledges the Bitcoin investors a bright and vivid long-term future, at very moment the Bitcoin in theory is deflationary currency. The worth and value of the Bitcoin will keep and continue to ascend until its available and accessible supply hits the top and maximizes.

    The Minimalistic Trading – The stock trading or any activities in the public stock market require and acquires the investors to hold a license or a certificate that certain and proves their identification and the trading history. To trade a share of a company, an investor has to go all the way through a broker who then creates and establishes an order in the market. The settlement of an order or an investment could take days in duration of time, even weeks or months and it depends in the paper works.

    The stock exchanges also demands the submission of various personal information and details and also financial accounts such as the bank statements, the billing statements and lastly the personal identification or identity in which that makes it highly and extremely hard for the unlicensed to put an investment at that certain area. The Bitcoin trading, conversely more of a minimalistic form if an investment, weight against the stock trading. The investors just simply purchases or sells the Bitcoin from the exchanges and keep and store them in their wallets. While some exchanges may ask personal details and information just for the KYC rules and regulations the other local exchanges can carry out orders anonymously.
    Above all, the Bitcoin provides and showcases significant advantages and return over the traditional investments in several ways and means, financially and economically. The traditional investors can trade the digital currency with a higher efficiency and low cost of charges and making the Bitcoin a viable short or even long span term of investment.

    More: www.ecoin.eu
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    Technical maintenance
    At present, we have got some technical problems. We are working to settle these problems.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    eCoin.eu Team
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    Draw More Women into Bitcoin


    Garnering a steady decline in the female partaking in the coding arts and several of the early adopters are being male, and there are numerous assumptions that the women will not have an impact in the Bitcoin society and community.

    The Founder and CEO of the BitNation, opposes to this certain scenario as she utters that, “The women stands for a specific and also significant part takings on the every single day of the expenditures. And I do really believed that there are several women who are utilizing the Bitcoin for their daily spending that comes or their daily lives and also would profoundly assist to stabilize the worth and prize of it.”

    Then the Founder and CEO of the Krypton, Stephanie Kent, agrees emphasizing that the, “Women do have more purchasing power than ever before.” Steps and moves nevertheless have to be taken to draw more women into the Bitcoin society and the community.

    And only one manner of doing this surely was explained further by BitPesa Chief Operating Officer, Charlene Chen, that it is by featuring numbers of women who are already been leading and standing with the Bitcoin and also the Blockchain technology companies, in which will have an assistance to draw more numbers of women into the Bitcoin. And in supplementary with her statement, she adds up that, “The Bitcoin society and community will draw tons of people, not only just the women but also numbers in the population of men too, if we just let them see on how the Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology companies are being relevant in both ways of the developed and also developing countries and even in the third world countries.” She also explains it profoundly deep into the core that there have been ample of people that have even met who are not being involved with the Bitcoin and simply because of they do not really understand how and why they would ever have to use it.

    Susanne Tempelhof of the BitNation explicates that the user-friendly and also aesthetically attractive frontend applications would have the assistance in increasing the acceptance and the adoption as most of the wallets and the exchanges are being designed for a male tech audience.
    On the other hand, at the moment that the women become involved in the Bitcoin society and community, the reception that they receive is not always that welcoming and warm. With this certain amusing but also insightful post by Arian Simpson, who writes a blog regarding her Bitcoin experiences and is also an active advocate for women in the cryptocurrency highlights and also what it is like for a single woman who attend and participate in the Bitcoin meet-ups.

    And a certain question lingers upon the issue that, what obstacles do the women faces in the Bitcoin? As with several areas of the gender inequality, a necessary for a change on a diminutive scale illustrates the numbers of actions was needed to be done for a certain change and also to reach the higher level. Until the privileged role of the early adopters was questioned, and several women are already making their mark on the Bitcoin society and community and will keep on facing struggles based on their gender. And interestingly enough, to some women who had make their gender a key part of their identities in the Bitcoin as such as the Bitcoin wife, nonetheless, not all of the women think and do believed that their gender should come into it.
    Susanne Tempelhof mentioned that, “One of the things that really upsets me as a woman in the Bitcoin industry is at the moment that the people ask things like, we wanted you to be on this certain panel because we desire more of the women present. So that the people wanted me only for my gender and not for what are my ideas are, knowledge, skills or even achievements.” In Susanne Tempelhof’s point of view, this is a so-called “positive discrimination” and it is just an offensive as plain and also an act of simpler gender discrimination.

    The Founder and CEO of the Krypton, Stephanie Kent, also clarifies that she was recently trolled by a man on a BitcoinTalk after he found her personal phone number and home address. As Stephanie Kent explanations of, “He keeps on posting these certain and also obviously butt hurt by the Krypton’s verdict and decision to put on safety and therefore protect the other investors and also move away from the Ethereum-based chain to a Bitcoin-based chain as a temporary solution and aid regarding of a certain issue in the company.”

    And right after suffering a 51% of hacking, the Krypton, and an Ethereum-based Blockchain, had declared that it is moving it token coin KR and Ethereum-based proof-of-work Blockchain to as Bitcoin-based proof-of-stake Blockchain to be cautious and prevent more of KR from being stolen all the way through a double spend. To wrap things up with her statement, Stephanie Kent utters that, “And I, myself, finally had to closed the thread or spend in the entire day by deleting all of his posts, regarding with the issue.”

    More: www.ecoin.eu
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    The Three Keys to Fully Complete the Bitcoin Adoption and Acceptance


    As the following steps in the revolution and the evolution of the money, the Bitcoin is advanced and superior to the traditional currency in several and numerous ways. It is trustless, private, irreversible, and also efficient and lastly, it is deflationary. On the other hand, even the best and the greatest technological invention and creation is useless unless it is being used and utilized, and at this very moment the fiat currency still holds the title of the “real money” in the minds of the general public and the masses. In order to reverse that factor, the greater adoption and acceptance is needed on the part of the Bitcoin.

    To be able to accomplish and fulfill this certain aim and goal, even though it is not any haphazard strategy and method will do so. Just simply by uttering and saying that “Here, Bitcoin is better, start using it instead.” Will produce and gain limited results. Instead by establishing and creating the cryptocurrency’s use in the global economy on one step at a time, and each and every single phase of progress and improvement becomes much more manageable and also realistic.

    The Key Number 1: The Bitcoin as Useful [currency – Bitcoin – currency – destination]

    The very first key and step is to create and establish the Bitcoin as an intermediary device to develop a progress in the regular financial transactions. This can be purchasing gift cards all the way through the eGifter or the Gyft, purchasing something form Amazon through Purse.io, and sending a remittance payment to another country, or even paying an unbanked contractor.

    Neither the party to these certain transactions wants or even has the Bitcoin, but it is obtained and also uses nonetheless to perform a specific function. A user buys the Bitcoin to save money on the gift cards or the Amazon purchases cheaply and yet also efficiently send a remittance or even pay unbanked contractor who otherwise would a limited options and choices for receiving the funds.

    On what factor that this shown that the Bitcoin can be useful tool and device in a certain circumstances. Someone who did not view and see the Bitcoin as a money or even as a something worthy and valuable will nonetheless see and notice its usefulness in achieving and also attaining the certain aims and goals and as such will be willing to buy and purchase some for a certain select purposes. This certain plants the idea in the client’s and customer's’ mind, that the “Bitcoin can be useful.”

    The Key Number 2: The Bitcoin as Valuable and Worthy [Bitcoin – currency – destination]

    At the moment that the cryptocurrency is in a wide-range use and in ready and also capable to supply the next key and step is to set up transactions in which originate as the Bitcoin and are later converted to a currency. Having already benefited from the very first key and step, the Bitcoin is in wide-range use, although no body touches it directly.

    Now we will use the Bitcoin directly for the financial transactions and dealings with the end party is able to easily convert or even sell it afterwards. This includes the setting merchants up with a processor as such as the BitPay in which can be able to accept and take and immediately convert the Bitcoin transactions and dealings and giving out the Bitcoin tips and gifts and also holding on to the Bitcoin as a store of value and worth.

    By practicing this, the idea is built and established that the Bitcoin itself has value and worth. Instead of simply a tool or a device to facilitate and control niche transactions and dealings, now it appears and sees as something that at the moment being received can be liquidated. Where at the moment it was desirable only if one had a specific purpose in their mind, now the Bitcoin is being seen and noticed as desirable no matter the circumstances. Now the idea becomes as the “Bitcoin is worth something.”

    The Key Number 3: The Bitcoin as Money [Bitcoin – destination]

    The final key and step in the adoption and acceptance path is send the Bitcoin in exchange for goods and services and have it remain as such after reaching and obtaining its very end destination. This would include the offering to pay for the goods and the services directly in Bitcoin as well as convincing a merchant to store and keep a portion to pay an employee just for an example that formerly converted into 100% to currency.
    Beforehand, the Bitcoin gained and attained usefulness as a tool and a device to facilitate a certain transactions and dealings, then it also gained value and worth as something that could be turned into money to pay and compensate for the goods and the services. Finally, it can be used directly for those goods and services in completing the idea of the “Bitcoin is money.”

    More: www.ecoin.eu
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    More: http://www.ecoin.eu/en/info/fees?type=fiat
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    Lesen Sie die Bewertung von eCoin.eu erstellt von BestChange.com:
    eCoin.eu: Ein Tausch-Service für Kryptowährungen mit sofortiger Auszahlung!

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    Czym jest eCoin.eu?

    eCoin.eu – to platforma/system handlowy kryptowalut, takich jak Bitcoin i Litecoin o dużej liczbie dodatkowych funkcji, w tym nabycia, sprzedaży i wymiany. eCoin.eu oferuje również usługi całodobowej giełdy w trybie online, która zapewnia momentalny i zautomatyzowany dobór zamówień zarejestrowanych użytkowników. eCoin.eu oferuje Ci prostą, bezpieczną i dostępną giełdę do nabycia i sprzedaży kryptowalut.

    Tariffa: https://www.ecoin.eu/pl/info/fees/?type=fiat


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