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DDOS Stop - DDOS Protection Hosting

Discussion in 'Webmasters Forum & SEO' started by KenneL, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. KenneL

    KenneL Well-Known Member


    We can protect your business!

    How does it work?

    DDoS Remote Protection
    Easy to install and no need to change hosting location, you can host your server from one provider and get the network protection from us. We protect your website or infrastructre against most types of DDoS:

    Flood Attacks
    - TCP SYN Flood
    - UDP Flood
    - ICMP Flood
    - Reflection Attack
    Application Attacks
    - HTTP-GET
    - SSL

    Set up Procedures

    1. Register Online

    2. Select a Service Plan then Place Order Online

    3. Assign a Protected IP Address

    4. Change Domain Name A Record

    5. Done

    Money back Guarantee

    We provide a money back guarantee on VDS server - 7 days.
    On AntiDDoS services - 30 days.
    During this period, you can test the quality of our services.
    We do not refund the money for the domain names and SSL certificates.

    Uptime Guarantee

    Please be aware that the tariff plan can not meet your requirements.
    As a result, your website may not be available for some time. However, we will try to do our best quality services.
    In any situation, you can contact our support to resolve any issues.

    Content and backups

    You take full responsibility for the content hosted on VDS servers and for the safety of the data on them.

    Changes to the TOS

    DDos-Stop reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without notice.

    We accept Perfect Money and other payment processors.

    Visit to DDOS-STOP.COM
  2. cara5singer

    cara5singer New Member

  3. Farhan

    Farhan New Member

    Great information thanks for sharing with us
  4. JohnJeff

    JohnJeff Member

  5. Alex Jones

    Alex Jones New Member

    I think this is something related to Cloudflare as in Cloudflare name servers and being changed from original to Cloudflare name servers.
  6. Richard J. D'Souza

    Richard J. D'Souza New Member

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