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    Hey people,

    We would like to invite to our newly launched site where strangers voluntarily gift other strangers some crypto. You're amongst the special ones that's selected as an early bird.

    This is the way it works

    1. Register,
    To avoid spam, registrationis only by facebook/google
    Click on the facebook or google icon, login to your account, give permissions and you are done

    2. Login and subscribe
    Subscribe to a package and you will be merged to a sponsor. You get only 2hrs to send crypto-currency to your sponsor.
    You must send any of the coin that your sponsor accepts. After payment, enter the transaction reference from blockchain and you are good to go

    3. Crypto Gifts Flows In
    As soon as you pay, you will be merged and 2 people pay you too

    The site has 2fa, to protect your account.

    Referral Bonus
    Yeah sure, you get 5% referral bonus when someone joins with your link

    For any other questions, you can check here (

    The site has terms that you must ✅agree to before you even use the site.
    Please take some time to review the site before you draw any conclusions :)

    Check Out CryptoGiftCircle here

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