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Cryptoclicks - cryptoclicks.biz

Discussion in 'GPT & Other Program Discussion' started by adamo, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. adamo

    adamo Active Member

    Earn up to 0.00000100 BTC per click!

    Earn up to 0.00000079 BTC per referral click!

    Minimum payout 0.00010000 BTC

    Referral system with up to 2 levels! (Win with the referrals of your referrals!)

    Instant automatic payouts!

    Withdrawal of amounts less than 0.00100000 BTC are usually processed within 10 minutes, amounts greater than that are subject to manual approval.

    Start earning Bitcoins today!

  2. adamo

    adamo Active Member

    Amounts lower than 0.00100000 BTC will be processed automatically and are subjected to a 1.5% transaction fee.
    Amounts higher than 0.00100000 BTC will be manually processed (within 24h), with no extra fees.

    Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00010000 BTC.

    New sites adding daily!

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