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Buy BTC right now

Discussion in 'Advertising Forum' started by EdwinG, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. EdwinG

    EdwinG New Member

    There has been a decent drop in the BTC/USD pair after it hit the bitcoin price history near 19595.20. From that level, the sellers took control of this market and pushed the pair significantly lower in the global market. The pair found some solid support at 6425.2 and most of the professional price action traders made a decent profit by executing long orders with the formation of bullish morning star pattern in the daily chart. Though the bulls initially took control of this market the pair found some strong bearish resistance at 10052.9.
  2. Piphs

    Piphs Member

    Bitcoin may be at its lowest, but the thing is, Bitcoin may continue to crash, from what I read from FreshForex Articles, the correct price to buy bitcoin is from 8k below, and even better if you can buy it from 3k.
  3. It almost seems that the time has reversed with prices back to where it was years back. So, this indeed is a nice little time to get into the scheme of things, and to be able to make good revenue. But it is also fair to point out that the stuff is to be done with a very wise approach. I do it confidently under FreshForex, as with their 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, the match is made simpler, easier and likable for me.
  4. Piphs

    Piphs Member

    Freshforex is giving free $5 bonus for new clients and old clients. You only need to have the classic account, that simple.

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