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    Welcome to BLASTROCKET

    Started: Nov-02-2019
    Investment Plan: 200% ROI
    Investment Duration: 120 Hours

    Minimum Deposit: 0.0001 BTC
    Maximum Deposit: 1 BTC

    Withdrawals: Instant Paid Daily
    Withdrawal Fee: No Fee

    Referral Program: 10% Paid Direct

    Be a part of BLAST ROCKET! 200% ROI in 120 hours. Launch your BLAST ROCKET! And see your Bitcoins grow!


    How BLASTROCKET works:

    After you open our website: follow steps below to get started:

    1. Click LAUNCH BLAST ROCKET button!
    2. Enter BITCOIN address for payments!
    3. Enter your deposit amount in BITCOIN!
    5. Send your BITCOIN deposit on provided address!
    6. Wait for payment and click CONTINUE!

    BLASTROCKET withdrawals and referral commissions:

    Withdrawals are sent instant is not needed to make a withdrawal request, your profits will be sent on address you used to join!

    Referral commissions are sent instant to address you used to join, when a member use your referral link and deposit 10% will be instant sent on your wallet!

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