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atex - atex.us

Discussion in 'HYIP Discussion' started by paidme, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. paidme

    paidme New Member


    AviaTechExport Group works in the world market since 2001.

    We are the company which buying up ferrous and nonferrous metals. Last several years and till now we are utilizing strategic planes in Ukraine, take them out and sell them on world market.

    As it known Soviet Technics includes many nonferrous metals. Bying sawed Technic in Ukraine cheaper then scrap metal we sort it into components and sell it to the companies in many times expensive.

    In 2007 there is a new law in Ukraine which remove taxes from companies which works with scrap metal. The law operates only up to 2008 and that is why we decided to involve external investors to maximilize our sale and purchase. We pool together the resources of a large number of small and medium investors, worldwide, for the purpose of pursuing a variety of investment projects on a global basis. This pooling of investors' funds gives us the ability to tap into ventures with rates of return considerably higher than those available under normal market conditions.
  2. fhassan

    fhassan New Member

    they r working since 2001
    ]i never heared about them
  3. one2006

    one2006 New Member

    Yeah. Same here. I think that they are talking about their company and not the hyip! I might invest here. Those plans are very nice. I will wait for a payment proof first
  4. hrap

    hrap New Member

    woow since 2001
    and stell paid daily i think its good program to invest
  5. monika

    monika New Member

    really paying program. I invested and receiving payments for more than 2 weeks
  6. moneykid

    moneykid New Member

    Great admin ... He is paying every day... very good program.
  7. bogdanel

    bogdanel New Member

    Good site! I think I'll join soon when I'll have 10$ available on my e-gold :) I really like that plans..
  8. forbidden

    forbidden New Member

    i think it is quite safe but very low profits
  9. yousuowei1900

    yousuowei1900 New Member

    i think it is quite safe but very low profits
  10. monika

    monika New Member

    stable program...paying everyday
  11. moneykid

    moneykid New Member

    Still paying:) I am thinking about another deposit!
  12. elyn

    elyn New Member

    hmmmm.... the interest is really low. dun think worth taking the rish :(
  13. moneykid

    moneykid New Member

    Maybe interest is really low, but this prog is active on MMG, and i received a new payment:
  14. monika

    monika New Member

    Yes this program is hot on MMG....
    and they paying:)
  15. moneykid

    moneykid New Member

    Stable prog.... still paying:
    :) :D
  16. EyeOnHyip_Monitor

    EyeOnHyip_Monitor New Member

    The fact of the news that they have been in business since 2001 and apparently I have never heard of them is making me nervous though. A few more days won't harm me at all.
    I'll wait.
  17. moneykid

    moneykid New Member

    The fact that it is still paying!! Very good:D :D
  18. monika

    monika New Member

    good stable program!!! paying everyday
  19. monika

    monika New Member

    got another payment,as usually very fast :D
  20. moneykid

    moneykid New Member

    Still paying!
    18:39 Payment Received 772591** Gold +0.000537 39236** 0.35 USD 651.30
    From: ATEX
    Memo: Withdrawal to galik from ATEX InvestGroup

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