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[ANN][ICO] SmartContractChain - Smarter, faster crowdfunding - without the risk

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Forum' started by PapiaKhatunAsha, Oct 9, 2018.

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    Smarter, faster crowdfunding without the risk.


    SCC platform is a new and unique crowdfunding platform based entirely on the Blockchain and designed to facilitate open, honest investment. It's a great time to raise money, but for investors this comes with increased risk. The regulation-free environment of token sales means that in the event of a mismanagement of funds, early investors have few legal options to turn to in order to recover funds or influence a company's business strategy.

    That's why SmartContractChain is building a platform that will harness the best of both worlds, providing entrepreneurs and creatives with access to funds, while guaranteeing the security of investors' money.

    Things To Be Aware Of


    Token Sale


    Total SCC tokens to be created: 60’158’729 SCC

    Available during token sale: 45’119’047 SCC (75%)

    Token name: SCC

    Fundraising goal: 30’000’000 $

    Soft cap goal: 1’000’000 $

    Token sale start: 15th of October

    Sale end: 30th of December

    Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC

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