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A stop loss.

Discussion in 'Forex Discussion' started by Craig McMillan, May 19, 2017.

  1. A stop loss is an additional type of pending order designed to stop your losses by automatically closing your position if the price moves in a direction different from what you expected. If you are buying a long position, then you would set your stop somewhere beneath your entry to protect yourself from a sudden drop. To protect you from losing your money trade with TryMarkets. The best broker in forex.
  2. Ratul Mridha

    Ratul Mridha New Member

    Stop loss is such a technology through which a trader can stop his loss. It is a pending order. In Forex market price action remains up and down all the time. So if the price of currency moves in the different position of our traded pair then we use this technology to minimize our loss level. I am trading with trade-24.com broker where I am getting good technology of trading.
  3. kalex76

    kalex76 Member

    Traders have to trade with perfect stoploss so that one can control the loss of the pips and the trading accounts but yes the more the experience we can get ,the more we can get the proper skill with time.

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