2014-15 Football Major Leagues Picks

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    Germany Bundesliga Picks Dec 18

    Borussia Dortmund vs VfL Wolfsburg

    Dortmund's opening odds makes me say NAH! Of course SBOBET and a lot of bookmakers favour them in this fixture. They were good in their last home matches, but at 1.89 for them is such a wow. Reus is one of the main men in this squad and he's out because of injury. Meanwhile, the star players of Wolfsburg are there they may be facing a home crowd here, but their away form tells us all that they can take this match. Also keep in mind that Wolfsburg is 2nd in the league table and Dortmund is 16th. Away win for me at 4, pretty sweet, but if you want a safer and almost a cherry pick AH +0.50 @2.03 for Wolfburg is the right bet for yah! Cheers!

    Pick: Wolfsburg
    Odds: 4.00
    Stake: 6/10

    Asian Handicap
    Pick: +0.50 Wolfsburg
    Odds: 2.03
    Stake: 8/10


    Borussia Monchengladbach vs Werder Bremen

    Pretty a M'gladbach game in my opinion. They're the better team good home form and sitting 4th in the league table. They didn't lose any home games from their last 5 home matches. On the other side Bremen will have a hard time in this fixture, especially with the absence of DI Santo because of the injury. Maybe they can snatch a goal from M'gladbach, but they cannot snatch a win in this match. I'm putting my money in Over 3 here. If DI Santo is here this may be a higher goal line.

    Over Under
    Pick: Over 3
    Odds: 1.83
    Stake: 6/10


    SC Paderborn 07 vs Schalke 04

    Looking forward for a draw/win for Schalke 04 side here. Odds are not the best, but they can tell that Asian Handicap is the best line for this match. Pederborn concedes 2 draws and 2 wins from their last 4 home matches and got 2 draws from their last 2. Schalke 04 is the clue here, they won their last 2 away matches against Maribor and Stuttgart and get the confidence boost that they need for this match. There's a possibility of a draw here so AH +0.25 for Schalke is my backup line.

    Pick: Schalke 04
    Odds: 2.52
    Stake: 6/10

    Asian Handicap
    Pick: +0.25 Schalke 04
    Odds: 1.64
    Stake: 10/10

    I also recommend to check the In-play Betting lines for this fixtures. Goodluck!
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    Cagliari vs Juventus

    Looking back from their last meetings, Juventus won 4 times, including a draw from their last 5 match. For the past 2 years Cagliari never beats Juventus. This match is no exception, Juventus had the better form, 1st in the league table and surely the better team. Cagliari will suffer in this match, especially Sau, Marco will be out of this game because of injury. I don't expect a single goal in the home side in this fixture. The zero goal record of Cagliari from their last 3 Serie A matches is enough to not invest in the goal lines. Asian Handicap is the choice here, -1.25 for Juventus is a gamble but I'm sure that they will easily beat the home team.

    Asian Handicap: -1.25 Juventus
    Odds: 2.01
    Stake: 5/10


    Napoli vs Parma

    There's no doubt that the home team will get this one. Currently 7th in the league table and never lose a single match in their last 5 home matches. Meanwhile the bottom of the table Parma will have a tough time in this match. I also did not expect any goals from them. Asian Handicap will be my main line here putting a decent amount for -1.25 Napoli.

    Asian Handicap: -1.25 Napoli
    Odds: 1.75
    Stake: 6/10

    Not so exciting match but a potential profit :) Goodluck!

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