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2 days ealier on fxglory

Discussion in 'Scam & Closed HYIP, GPT Programs & Exchangers' started by Piphs, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Piphs

    Piphs Member


    Today I was missing a lot of my winning trades in my trade history tab. Woke up this morning with many $1,000+ trades that went missing or were suppose to have been there. My P/L should have jumped from $34,000 to $42,000 from trades I've taken 2 days prior. Obviously price level did close above targets. This is kind of dissappointing because they honored all my withdrawals these past 2 years..now they are cheating me and it's time for me to switch brokers.
    Fu*** unbelievable.
  2. Antoxa

    Antoxa New Member

    Unfortunately, no one is safe from fraud. Especially earning on the Internet
  3. Piphs

    Piphs Member

    See, I once got ripped by instaforex. It be my mistake but also it was the mistake of the broker. Very high spreads and failing to be transparent!

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